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Five Minutes to Midnight

i'm taking you home with me tonight

Camisado Ashlie
3 November 1988
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23 years old. Iowa. Writer. Dreamer. Wisher. Photographer. Reader. Coffee. Journalism. Ferris Wheels. Stars. Christmas lights. Bubbles. Dandelions. Books. Notebooks and pens. Pencils. Late night talks. Cuddles. Kitty cats. Giraffes. Whispers. Secrets. Music. Singing. Warmth. Living out loud. Shoujo manga. Cute anime. jpop. Kpop. Kdramas. Jdramas. Photoshop. Graphics. The Sims. Nintendo DS. Pokemon video games. The Sims 2&3. Harvest Moon. Zelda. I'm quirky and silly. I'm going to grow up to be a kid. I will publish lots of novels with my best friends. I like giraffes, otters, penguins, kitties and my fiance. Pokemon and Digimon possess my soul. I love to listen to good music, write letters and dance around wearing really cute socks. I think curly hair is awesome. I want to own a bookstore filled with overstuffed armchairs and my closest friends. I like to pretend I’m sophisticated but usually I just am outlandish and frivolous. I miss my friends. I spend way too much time on MSN/AIM and Twitter and tumblr. I make up lyrics to Asian pop and sing them loudly, pretend to dance terribly, and fangirl painfully. I write on scraps of paper. My friends are strewn out all over this country, this world, and I pine achingly for them. I am fiercely loyal and decidedly stubborn. I am irrational, impractical and inexorably gullible. I’m not always a good friend, but I love greatly and deeply. I am me – a dreamer, a romantic, and a nerd to the core.